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Fire insurance in America

A fire may break out at any time, exposing your personal belongings to a real danger. These events may cause losses estimated at millions of riyals annually due to property damage and loss of valuables.


Fire insurance

That is why we have introduced all-risk and fire-protection programs specifically designed to provide protection against damage and loss to your business and property. These Shariah-compliant programs can help you focus more on performing your business tasks, and enjoy more peace of mind.


The fire insurance policy compensates for losses/damages caused by:

  • Fire.
  • lightning;
  • Explosion (except for damage to boilers).


How to insure against fire in America

While the document does not cover the following:

  1. Losses caused by theft during or after a fire.
  2. Loss or damage caused by combustion, instantaneous combustion, etc.
  3. Arson / damage caused by malice.
  4. Secret fire.
  5. Loss/damage resulting from an order from a public authority.
  6.  Indirect or consequential losses: Loss of revenue, or losses resulting from delay.



  • War, invasion, civil war.
  • Nuclear or radiological damage.
  • Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions.


Additional information about fire insurance in America

Usually the policy covers the entire value of the property, but it can act as insurance for initial loss when the possibility of total loss is excluded.


With regard to inventory, the company can provide the service of announcing the inventory, and the insurance amount is determined at the maximum value of the stock that the owner expects to acquire at any time once through the initial collection.


100% of the annual subscription which can be adjusted at the end of the insurance period based on the average of the monthly announcements is subject to the right to maintain the lowest subscription specified in the policy.


Emergency Coverage Insurance

In the event that the tenant contacts you to repair something in the property, such as a faucet failure or a problem with a machine within the house, it is possible through this type of insurance to cover the maintenance fees in full or in part.


Types of real estate insurance for investors

The types of real estate investments vary between contracting, construction, building and renting, and each of them has specific insurance segments. When you know the types of insurance and the characteristics of each type, you can accurately determine your need, and a professional insurance broker can also be used to determine your needs.