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Terms of real estate insurance in America

Terms of real estate insurance in America

What are the conditions for real estate insurance in America? Your property is your investment and we will help you protect it, especially for you, allowing you to focus on your business and business. Real estate insurance coverage in America offers a wide range that protects you and your family.


Real estate insurance in America

In the following lines, we will mention the types of real estate insurance in America:


Workers compensation insurance

This type is used to insure contracting companies that have a number of employees (supervisors, maintenance workers, receptionists and contractors), which requires them to fully insure all the cadres working within the organization, which leaves no one to protect the company in the event that one of the workers is exposed to some danger.


Construction and renovation risk insurance

Buying old or damaged real estate, rehabilitating and selling it is a common way in real estate investment, and the property may be exposed during the restoration and renewal process to many risks that can be avoided through this type of insurance, and this insurance is one of the “extra insurances” that may be expensive a little.


Fire and Flood Insurance for Physical Property

What determines the need for this insurance is the location of the property. If it is located in coastal areas, it is preferable to secure it from floods, and fire insurance depends on the type of property (containing furniture, which may expose it to damage as a result of a fire, the possibility of an electrical contact, and other problems that may lead to for a fire).


Property damage

Rental properties are generally subject to damages as a result of misuse and careless use by some tenants, which may cause a fire, electrical failure, or damage. This type of insurance is considered necessary to ensure the replacement of damaged furniture with better furniture.


Loss of income or default rental insurance

In the event of damages that make your property uninhabitable and require maintenance (severe mold, termite infestation, and other reasons), this type of insurance provides financial compensation equivalent to the value of the monthly rent.


Guaranteed Income Insurance

In the event that the tenant is late in paying the rent amount for one month or refuses to pay, this insurance gives you comprehensive coverage by paying the amount due in full.


Emergency Coverage Insurance

In the event that the tenant contacts you to repair something in the property, such as a faucet failure or a problem with a machine within the house, it is possible through this type of insurance to cover the maintenance fees in full or in part.


Types of real estate insurance for investors

The types of real estate investments vary between contracting, construction, building and renting, and each of them has specific insurance segments. When you know the types of insurance and the characteristics of each type, you can accurately determine your need, and a professional insurance broker can also be used to determine your needs.